Big data is at the heart of every enterprise. And when your users need it, they need it fast.

When exploring big data solutions, one of the most daunting tasks users face is the setup and configuration of these usually complex tools. This can take from hours to days, time you could and should spend testing, evaluating, and putting your big data solutions to good use to benefit your business.


What You Can Do with the Platform


  • Store massive amounts of data in memory for ultra-fast access
  • Massive data sets are instantly available in ultra-fast RAM distributed across any size server array
  • Easily scales to TBs of data in-memory


    • Accelerate application performance
    • Hundreds of terabytes of heterogeneous data can be maintained in-memory, with guaranteed latency of low milliseconds
    • Enjoy real-time data flows of any type of data, to and from any device


      • Accelerate your time to insight—gather, sort and analyze data faster than your competition
      • Understand customer trends as they happen
      • Mitigate a risk that is fast-breaking

      Key Benefits

      • Make better, faster and more-informed decisions 
        Access to bigger data sets at real-time speed increases the accuracy and speed of your decisions.
      • Discover hidden insights 
        Ultra-fast access and messaging capabilities enable instant action on real-time insights.
      • Protect and generate new revenue 
        Handle risks faster and gain the ability to seize instantaneous opportunities.

      Why should you use TechXchange Platform for big data?

      Speed: Reduce the time to deploy Hadoop and other solutions from days to minutes.

      Agility: Experiment with different configurations and solutions to choose what works for you.

      Flexibility: Port your solution from one infrastructure to another quickly and seamlessly.

      Expertise: TechXchange encapsulate the best practices allowing you to focus on your core works

      Use this platform to manage your mounting big data challenges. Turn big data into a big opportunity to generate more revenue, improve customer service and differentiate product offerings.