Cloud Services

TechXchange offers widerange of cloud services through its network of service providers. TechXchange platform offers you a production-ready, secure, and fully managed cloud-computing infrastructure. With a full range of managed cloud services and enterprise hosted application options, TechXchange significantly reduces your IT costs and management headaches.



State-of-the-Art Platform Whether you’re gearing up for seasonal demand spikes, creating robust and cost-effective software testing and development environments, or building full application lifecycle management for mission-critical enterprise applications, TechXchange’s cloud computing services offer the industry’s most cost-effective, enterprise-class managed cloud services option.


Propagates Cloud Security Virtual Patching: Shield vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, eliminating operational pains of emergency patching, frequent patch cycles, and costly system downtime


Security: Leveraging on sophisticated application Suite that comprises Anti-Virus, FireWall, Deep Packet Inspection, Log Inspection and File Integrity Monitoring, Our Datacenter is able to offer a good combination of security protection options available for their Cloud IaaS customers to choose from. Some customers may need the full suite to protect their critical applications and servers against security threats from external malware and from those application and operating systems vulnerabilities inherent with common enterprise systems today.


Benefits include:

    1. Customizable cloud computing solutions to meet complex IT demands
    2. Superior customer service and support
    3. Unparalleled Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    4. Multi-pronged enterprise level cloud computing security
    5. Usage-based billing

TechXchange offers a wide range of Managed Services tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. We will assume day to day responsibility for managing these services.

By offering these services we allow your company to maintain productivity while the tedium of day to day activities are being managed by our team. Our goal at TechXchange is to provide your business with a stress free experience.

TechXchange is responsible for acquiring and maintaining hardware, software and providing technical services necessary to maintain your systems. We provide your company with the experience and expertise to manage its asset with ease, allowing you to focus on the issues that will help your business continue to grow. Services provided are: Storage Area Network (SAN) This service is geared toward small companies that acquiring their own SAN and maintaining it is not cost effective. However they need the solution to move forward with virtualization that requires a solid SAN back end.

TechXchange together its value added partners provides SAN space with multi-tier of redundancy, providing flexible storage. Customers will pay for space as the needed and do not have to invest heavily for something that may not reach the capacity. System Hosting – cloud computing and taking advantage of Microsoft SPLA licensing option This service is geared for those who like to take advantage of cloud computing and not only use storage but enjoy the same principal with virtualization platform. In this case, customer do not have to invest in the virtual environment. Customer’s capital investment is reduced drastically; since the usage of CPU and memory will be as such that they will pay only as necessary. Under this platform

TechXchange offers Microsoft’s Service Provider License agreement (SPLA) making it easy to maintain license count and becomes pay as you go without considering cost of upgrades licensing that is very frequent in Microsoft’s world.